Leather Tote Bag

£ 169.99

The ‘TNBP Leather Tote Bag’ is a soft, distressed leather tote bag with an added drawstring detail around the top to keep its contents safe and secure. The bag is made from butter soft, hand distressed leather that gives each piece a truly unique and one-off texture. The bag is slightly oversized for a modern silhouette and added carrying capacity.

Features include 2 reinforced leather straps to be worn over the shoulder and a robust linen draw cord. This cord also has oxidized metal tips and stoppers allowing the bag to be closed securely. Another feature is a ‘TNBP’ leather tag on the front plus a printed macabre lining. Finally it has a hidden internal zip pocket to secure all your most precious items and a ‘TNBP’ woven label.

Replace those plastic shopping bags with this key piece hence saving the planet in style!


Height – 55cm

Width – 50cm

Full Strap Length – 63cm


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